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Facial Cleanup

Stan gave Judy a massive facial last night.

Easy Tiffany

Guess who cleaned it up?

Cleaning up for a cuckold isn't exclusively limited to the wife's pussy or ass.

Saturday Night Cuckolding

Judy has a rare Saturday night with her Black Master Stan tonight.

There's a level of excitement around the house on days like this.  She's brimming with excitement as she awaits his arrival for a night of kinky sex.

As for me, there's excitement but of a different sorts.  It's tinged with the humiliation of knowing a superior man is going to use my wife tonight.

I also love watching her get ready for him.  As she makes herself up, I hope she lets me kneel behind her and kiss her ass like a good cuckold.


The Cuckold's Wife

The picture below from the tumbr blog Cuckold Marriage Info, came with the following caption:
"if you think it’s humbling to be led this way on a leash, consider for a moment being her husband watching someone else lead his wife this way."

Yes, it can be very humbling to see your wife being led like this by her Black Master.

The humiliation comes in when you see the smile on her face. 

Feeding Their Cuckold

A Black Master to a cuckold couple increases his dominance over them as they all become more comfortable with one another.

The control and power he has over them just feeds his already massive ego.

After awhile, it's not longer enough to make the cuckold eat his cum from the wife's pussy.  He wants to kick the humiliation up a notch.

"Tonight, I want to feed the cuckold direct from the tap" he told the white wife.

She's disappointed with the Black Master's decision, but goes along with it.  Seeing her Black Master shoot into her husband's mouth makes her jealous.

It also makes her wet at the same time.  She knows that soon, the Black Master will be hard again and using her with his superior Black Cock.

Kissing the Cuckold

Your wife's new job pays more and has great benefits.

She also seems so much happier.

It's the start of your cuckolding.

Black Owned Cuckold Couples

The cuckold's submission to the Black Master is complete. 

Fluffing is an important part of his submission.  He prepares the Black Master this way....

So that the Black Master can use his wife this way...

The Office Cuckold

Working for the same company as your wife can be pretty difficult if you're a cuckold.  Especially when she's having sex with another company employee.

There's nothing you can do to dispel the rumors.  You know they're true.  She does little to hid the fact that she's "cheating" on you.

Sex with company higher ups have led to promotions and now she's several levels higher than you are.

That gives her the opportunity to call you inter her office whenever she needs you.

Hot Wives at Work

You're wife just got a promotion.

She starts dressing rather provocatively to go to work.

She's happier than ever.

Rich White Sluts

You're probably a cuckold.

Wants to Share Wife

Cuckold Pictures

A smiling white wife with her Black Lover makes a beautiful portrait for the cuckold.  One for him to cherish fondly.

Black White Unite

The Naughty Wife

After her date with her lover, she not only tells you about her naughtiness......

Learning to be a Cuckold

She lets you taste it.

Hotel Sex & Cuckolding

Hotels & Motels are pretty hot spots for cuckolding.  Most often, the hapless cuckold doesn't even know his wife is screwing around with another guy.  He's being cheated on and by definition is a cuckold.

But sometimes for various logistical reasons, it's easier for a cuckold couple to meet the lover at a hotel.  It seems like hotel scenes that are captured in photos are easy to identify.  This one is a good example. 

The photo has those wooden hangers you see in all mid-to-lower priced hotel rooms.  And how about that bedspread?  It's a dead giveway, as is the photo of the headboard and that thermostat on the wall.

It looks like this cuckold is busy getting his wife ready for her lover's arrival.  I'm imagining her Black Master just got off the phone with the cuckold telling him that he wanted "her ass nice and clean before it takes my big cock."

Black on White

The contrast of a Black Master's cock on a white wife's pussy is cuckold artistry at its best.

White bi cock fag

Black Cock into white pussy turns is even better.

The Oral Talents of a Cuckold

The properly trained cuckold can provide outstanding oral service to both his wife and her lover when he's properly positioned.  

This cuckold can fluff and clean up after without even moving.  I'll never know what it feels like to have a submissive husband's tongue running up and down the shaft of my cock while I slide it in and out of his wife's pussy.  

Judy's lover Stan enjoys it very much.  He says I do a great job at it.  

Cuckold Quickies

Judy had an opportunity to see Stan real quickly today.  He didn't take long to satisfy her.

Consequently, I had an afternoon snack of my own.

Showing Her Affection

One of the hardest things about being a cuckold is seeing your wife show her affection for another man.

It's not always just about the sex.

Some wives show their affection in different ways than others.  This wife leaves little to the imagination.

Seeing your wife's Black Master kiss her affectionately is difficult.  It also makes the sex after the kiss even more meaningful.

Cuckold Rules

To watch your wife with her Black Master, there are certain rules that have to be followed.

Sissy Ciara

Even if the cuckold isn't into feminization, he agrees to the rules.  It's worth it to watch.
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